Clarion includes detailed logs as part of our basic package. The Reports module goes one step further and allows customers to track an individual employee's or customer's responses over a period of time spanning multiple notifications.

For example, a customer may wish to track an employee's availability for certain types of call-out scenarios. When sending out a notification or deploying a plan, customers can select, "Track Availability." The recipient's response to this is recorded and computed as part of an "Availability Report," which shows the percentage of call-outs for which that particular recipient is available.

HyperAlert users can ask additional questions of message recipients after the initial notification and identification, such as "are you available to report for duty in one hour?" or "is everything at your location secure?" The Reports module allows users to determine the period of time for the query and quickly see the results of various notifications.

Clients can mine this data for many purposes, including scenario analysis, customer satisfaction management, and to manage operational expectations.