Emergency & Response Plans Integration
Our Plans module, in coordination with Clarion, revolutionizes the way emergency planners construct and use ERPs during emergencies. HyperAlert's Plans module allows planners to abstract each of the steps taken during an emergency and upload them to the HyperAlert system. Every step of a plan is identified. Those steps that require mass communication are handled automatically by the seamless module integration with the Clarion platform. The Plans module allows customers to build tactical response plans for each and every scenario the planner can envision.

Document Storage and Retrieval, System Links
HyperAlert Plans also allows users to upload documents that might be relevant during an emergency--for example, floor plans or inventory lists. These documents can be retrieved through the HyperAlert system at any time. Plans also allows for the creation of specific URL links to allow users to quickly assess web-sites needed during an emergency-- weather maps or agency sites, for example.

Independent Operation
HyperAlert Plans, as a web-based system operating on remote servers, can be activated from any location with Internet access. If the user has to leave the location or initiate a plan deployment then relocate operations, the deployed plan will continue to operate unless specifically stopped by the user.


A Comprehensive Business Tool
Beyond emergency management, the Plans module can be used to create and execute plans to streamline many types of business activities. Plans our customers have developed include: scheduling a conference call or meeting; coordinating organization-wide events; managing off-site vendors with progress notification; and security operation alerts.

Included with the Plans module are detailed logs which can be used to analyze operational responsiveness and effectiveness both in test scenarios and with actual events.