Is any special equipment required to operate the HyperAlert system?
HyperAlert does not require any special hardware or dedicated T-1 or phone lines to operate. The system is completely Web-based, though a company may license the technology to run on its own servers.

Is there a limit to the number of calls that can be made at one time?
HyperAlert's Clarion notification engine is capable of handling thousands of calls.

How much training is needed to operate the HyperAlert system?
HyperAlert is very user-friendly. Typically, a few hours will familiarize most users with the key components of the system.

Is HyperAlert secure?
HyperAlert is very secure and uses the highest level of available digital encryption in addition to other security measures.

What if a HyperAlert server fails or an entire geographical area is affected?
HyperAlert has redundant, clustered servers in multiple locations to ensure that hardware failure cannot interrupt system operations.

Will Clarion keep calling me on my cell phone or home phone?
Clarion will try to reach you on each of your phone numbers sequentially, until you confirm you have received the information. It will then STOP calling your phone numbers. Clients can select the number of times Clarion will attempt to contact you on each device.

When Clarion calls will it leave a message on an answering machine?

Can HyperAlert's Clarion system be used to assemble extremely large groups?
Yes. Clarion can provide information to any device having a phone number, digital, html, or email address.

Are there different levels of security access?
Yes, usually these levels match a company's existing corporate hierarchy, but there are mechanisms to assign additional authority as needed to specific users.

Can Clarion be launched from the field using a device other than a computer, say by cell phone, landline phone, or PDA?

Can Clarion call outside agencies or personnel?
Yes, provided that contact data has been entered into the system. It is important that any third party recipients be instructed on how to respond to the system (by entering a PIN number).

Can HyperAlert's Plans module execute multiple plans with multiple events simultaneously?

Can support documents and reference materials associated with a plan be stored on the system?
Yes. The Plans module provides storage, access, and management of all plans and related support materials.

Do stored plans and all support or reference documents have to be in a particular file format?
No. Any of the common file extensions can be opened and displayed by the system.

Can printed copies of information displayed on HyperAlert be generated?
Yes. Also, most can be saved and placed in any of the common file formats for transmission by email as well as printed copies by fax.

When a plan is deployed, does HyperAlert track and record responses?
Yes. HyperAlert's Control Center immediately displays when a recipient confirms he has received information. Further, the system captures all data in detailed logs. Subscribers to the Reports module can use this data to generate customized reports.

Once executed, can a plan be modified during deployment?
Yes. Events can be stopped, restarted, added, or deleted if desired. Also, a plan can be stopped at any point, and then redeployed from the beginning, or the system can resume at the point where it was stopped.

Is there a limit to the number of 'action' events that can be stored in a plan?
No. A plan must consist of at least a single event, but the number of events that can be stored is limitless.

Do you always have to deploy a plan to take advantage of the contact features?
No. Clarion allows you to quickly send a message by any combination of page, email, or phone.

Can Clarion be used during Plan Deployment?

Do I have to log out of the system if I want to turn off my home computer and go to the office to finish a plan execution or notification?
No. Clarion and HyperAlert's Control Center run "server-side" which means they stop only if you or a supervisor stop them using "Stop Deployment." This allows you to quickly leave an area if required and know that information is still being distributed. Users may start Clarion at one location and manage it somewhere else.

What is the maximum number of users that can be on the system at one time?
Unlimited. HyperAlert scales its hardware infrastructure to support a maximal load.

Will the HyperAlert system work with mobile data systems?
Yes. HyperAlert can be customized to work with almost any data management system, but the decision to pursue customization is one made by the client based on a cost-benefit analysis.

Will the system automatically update an employee's availability status when changed by vacation or unexpected illness?
Employees may enter comments into the important Notes field of their Personal Profile. Also, there is a temporary phone number specifically provided for these situations in the Edit My Profile section.

Can a person's spouse respond for him or her when the system calls?
Yes, if the spouse has the employee's PIN number. However, the company will assume then that the employee responded to the message.

Can an employee enter a temporary phone number?
Yes, an employee can enter a temporary number along with an explanatory note in the Edit My Profile section.

Will the HyperAlert software automatically update personnel data from our company HR software?
HyperAlert can interface with most HR software systems automatically. The frequency of these uploads depends on the client's preferences.

Can text messages be sent to my cell phone in place of my pager?
Yes by using the proper context address which is really just another email address. For example, most cell phone service providers have text and email addresses for their customers that consist of the cell phone number followed by the context address:

When responding to a page, do I have to call in to keep the system from paging me repeatedly?

Do I have to be on my company's Intranet to access HyperAlert?
No, any Internet connection can access the HyperAlert system using the proper username and password. Customers who subscribe to the Telephony Management module can also activate HyperAlert using the telephone.

Does the HyperAlert system depend on a client company's Intranet resources?
No. HyperAlert is web-based and is accessible from any location having Internet access. HyperAlert does not use client resources in its operations, but operates on its own secure servers at geographically redundant locations.