Clarion is the easiest-to-use notification engine on the market, and is the backbone of the HyperAlert Product Suite. Users can quickly and easily create messages, build contact groups, send messages to employees and/or customers over phone, pager, fax, PDA or email-and most importantly-instantly verify their responses.

Our friendly, intuitive interface lets new users quickly acquire the skills necessary to operate Clarion. A typical training session to introduce new users to the basics of the system takes less than two hours.

Clarion is a powerful technology that allows users to control the method by which information is delivered, to whom it is sent, and how many times a person should be contacted. If the recipients are required to report to a location, Clarion can request their Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and will display that information, in real-time, for the user to see. Clarion users can determine:

  • the number of contact attempts on each phone,
  • the amount of time to wait between contacts,
  • how long to wait before leaving a voice message,
  • whether to enable or disable voice recognition,
  • whether to contact repeatedly, or cease once a PIN identification has been entered.

Status & Directory Components
Additionally, Clarion provides status displays which show the organization's locations, number of people at each location, current security level, and any recently executed notifications. It also includes a comprehensive online Directory containing Employee/Customer Profiles, Location Profiles, Emergency Services and Additional Resources.

Message Recipient Controls
Clarion's password protected access for updating profiles allows message recipients to determine the most effective contact order of phone numbers for notification, including temporary contact numbers as necessary. Depending on organizational policy, employees can enter and update emergency contact information for their families that can be accessed by Human Resources during an emergency.

Group & Message Editors
To maximize efficiency, groups can be built ahead of time with as few or as many members as necessary. Examples include: managers of a particular business unit; all employees; customers in certain zip codes; residents of a particular street; or any other type of group. Messages can also be created in advance. When a user needs to quickly use Clarion, it's as simple as logging on, selecting a group, typing or selecting a message and clicking Notify.

Data Integration, Access & Security
Clarion integrates easily with all major enterprise Human Resource systems (SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle). Our intelligent data import automatically constructs an organizational chart. Based on this chart, our customers can allow each manager or supervisor to contact the people that work for him or her. The robust security
and hierarchy controls also allow key individuals (such as emergency response managers or dispatchers) to be granted additional system capabilities to contact wider groups of people or the entire organization.

Daily Use - Familiarity, Synergy
Clarion's structure means that it can be used by the entire organization for all types of business applications. The ability to use the system on a daily basis for business operations creates familiarity with the system, offering critical support when managers and recipients must use the system during an emergency.

Flexible, Modular Approach
HyperAlert's modular approach allows our customers to decide which applications fit their specific organizational requirements. We conform to and address our customers' needs instead of requiring our customers to conform to us. HyperAlert also provides custom development as necessary to seamlessly integrate our product suite with customer business applications.