It is our policy to respect the privacy of all visitors. The personal information you provide through our contact forms is used purely for the purpose of maintaining contact with you. If you have previously entered your personal information in our contact forms, or you have been contacted by HyperAlert as part of a solicitation and wished to be removed from further solicitations or email newsletters, please write: with your name, organization and title for identity verification.

If you are the employee of a HyperAlert customer and do not wish to be contacted by the HyperAlert system, we will remove your contact information from our system upon submitting an email from the email address of record to As a precaution to prevent unauthorized disconnection, we will follow-up with a telephone call to notify you that your request to remove contact information has been completed. We will also notify the HyperAlert customer who originally provided us with your contact information that you do not wish to be contacted by them using the HyperAlert system.

HyperAlert vigorously guards the personal identifying information of all customers and visitors. We will never sell, trade or share your information with anyone except as required by law.